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Celebrities Who Went Through Shocking Transformations For Their Roles




Some think that being an actor/actress is an easy job. But like every other job, it’s quite difficult! 

Healthy or not, here’s a look at some of the most shocking transformations by celebrities!

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Fun fact: Christian Bale actually had to put a bit of weight back on for Machinist. When he showed up to start shooting their insurance would not cover him at the weight he was at. He’s one dedicated motherfucker.

Are we forgetting that Jared Leto also gained a ridiculous amount of weight in chapter 27 to play Mark David Chapman, and lived with homeless people so he could do better in Requiem for a Dream (where his character also lost an arm [its been out over a decade this isn’t a spoiler])

But Christian Bale’s weight has fluctuated so much. I’m pretty sure he has some health problems because of that.

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